Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, fellow Christians! 🙂 In this world, there will be troubles. Take heart – HE has already overcome the world!!!

Are you down because you don’t have a church to attend on this Easter Sunday? Don’t be. Christ still loves you and you still have a purpose and direction that you are moving towards. I am with my family today, so that helps a lot. If you have friends or family nearby, do something with them today. Maybe meet up for brunch. Or maybe you can just do something nice to someone who is frustrated today – it might be going to a store and being extra nice to the clerk. Let your light shine.

Treat yourself to something special today – go to a matinee, or yes – maybe even purchase your favorite chocolate for your own makeshift Easter basket!

You may be churchless, but you are still very much my brother or sister in Christ. Happy Easter, friend. 🙂


Maundy Thursday

Thank God that He has overcome the world. There’re so many injustices going on. I can’t fix all the wrongs at my job. I don’t like dishonest people trying to justify their existence and get ahead. I can’t control this, but God can.

God has overcome the world. Thank God. I’ll just trust him to take care of the slackers. I can’t control anything, but He has already overcome the world. 🙂

Christ has already overcome the world this Palm Sunday!

Sister Wives

Just watched a commercial for this show. As a singleton about to turn 40, I have a unique perception of that show.  I can sum it up in one word – Settling.

If asked, bet each wife wishes that the man would be happy with only her rather than having multiple wives.  It’s so sad how much people settle now.  If I settled, I could be married with kids – and then be in the “norm” of my Christian demographic and fit in.  But I have never met anyone who measures up to the man in my head who is terrific, so why settle?  I think that a lot of people settle for less than they want or deserve and then you have freaky situations like Sister Wives.

Just a random thought, but thought I’d share…

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.  I’m Cal. I’m a Christian. I’m single. I’m over 30. I can’t find a church.  I live in Atlanta and there are churches on almost every corner.  However, who do they cater to?  The over 50 crowd, or young marrieds with kids, or even college kids.  If you are a singleton – happy at that – and want to go to a church that has other single people, and is sound in Christian doctrine, then perhaps you have struggled like me.

I’ve been searching for a church or a number of years now.  I occasionally find a place to hang out for a few months, but none that I feel a part of enough to stay.

Are you an unwavering Christian who also can not find a church, and really miss that fellowship?  Join me here.  Maybe we can develop some fellowship here!